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We design digital platforms that elevate the good customer
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We design digital platforms that elevate the customer experience
for the world's most beloved brands.
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Sustainable growth

The businesses we invest in are innovation leaders in their respective industries. While they move fast, we are committed to investing for the long-term.
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Sectoral Focus

We take a patient and considered approach to investing in early-stage, mid-market or strategic businesses
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Partnership Approach

We believe that collaboration delivers results every time. That’s why we partner with entrepreneurs and a vast network of specialists to provide the operational, strategic and financial support that can accelerate growth and maximise returns.
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We analyze your business
from every direction.

Miles Capital was born out of innovation - our history of innovative approaches to risk management and problem-solving, ensures that we are capacitated to explore and maximise those opportunities often overlooked by others. Our mission is to provide investment solutions that have sustained stakeholder impact - this means generating relative investor returns by solving important societal issues and problems.
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Our investments

We also aim to provide real, meaningful and long-lasting opportunities for black investment professionals by facilitating the transformation of SA’s private equity sector and in doing so, driving the growth of the next generation of transformed investment professionals.
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